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3D Lash and Brow Academy 

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Any address entered in this field will be the address we ship your kit to. (please use an address other than a P.O. Box)

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Commitment clause

By registering at 3d lash & brow academy, I realize that I am enrolling in a Barber program, I also realize that deposits paid for ANY Course are non-refundable. I have been given and understanding of the tuition, late fees, and return policy. I also realize that I am responsible for my education in attending theory classes and clinic practical requirements to be successful in my program. I will commit to completing written and practical exams as well as the required hours to complete my program.

By signing this student agreement, you acknowledge that you are responsible to pay for all enrolled hours. Scheduled hours are a minimum of 20 per week for part time and 35 hours per week for Full time hours

If you exceed 50% or more of the scheduled hours for your program, you I understand that you are responsible for 100% of the program's tuition.

Students will be charged over contract fees if the program is not completed in the allotted time for each program. This fee is $20.00 per clock hour not completed and must be paid via Wix Invoice.


At 3D lash & Brow refunds are based on the students enrollment

Any student withdrawing from the program will be given a program breakdown with hours. calculated and a refund or remaining balance will be determined by this.

TDLR refund policy requires that 3D Lash & Brow maintain a refund policy to provide for the refund of the unused part of tuition, fees, and other charges paid by a student who, after the expiration of the cancellation period established under Section 1601.562 (1) fails to begin the course of training; (2) withdraws from the course of training; or (3) is terminated from the course of training before completion of the course.

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3D Lash and Brow will only be responsible for kits mailed to the address on this registration form 

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