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Ombre Powder Brow, Nano Powder Brows



2 Day Course (Friday/Saturday)


Powder Brows is taking the microblading industry by storm and is now the number 1 requested technique for permanent eyebrow make-up

What makes Powder brows different than traditional microblading?

Powder brows, Ombre, and Microshading are created with the machine and lasts up to 2 years which is longer than traditional microblading due to the implantation method. The brows heal to a soft look and give the appearance of filled in brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills powder but without the work. You will be giving your clients long lasting smudgefree brows

Who can take this course?

This class is for all. No previous microblading or pmu experience required. Your instructor will guide you step by step and be hands on during your live model work.

Do I need a cosmetologist license to be a permanent make-up artist?

No. In the state of Texas once you complete your training you are able to practice permanent make-up. Permanent Cosmetics is regulated by the health department. Upon completion of training if you want to practice in your own studio you will need to apply to the health department for a facility license stating that your area is zoned for tattooing.

What students will Learn

  • BloodBorne Pathogens

  • Safety Sanitation and Sterilization

  • Color Correction/ Color choice

  • Brow Designs

  • Hands on (live models)

  • Consent and Medical History

  • Color Theory with premier pigments

  • Business Insight

What is included in the kit?

  • 3 Premier Pigments

  • 1 Power Pen Machine

  • 10x Nano Needles

  • Brow mapping tools:

  • Brow Thread

  • 5 Eyebrow Pencils “Soft/Medium”

  • 1 measuring tool

  • 1 Brow Trimmer/Scissors

  • Anesthetics:

  • 1 Anesthetic Cream

  • 1 Anesthetic Gel

  • Treatment tools and Extras :

  • 1 Bacitracin

  • 2 Silicone Skins for brow practice

How do I pay?

To reserve your seat and have a kit ordered a $500 deposit can be purchased through this website under register. The remaining balance will be sent via invoice and will need to be paid 1 week prior to class.


Is there financing?


Paypal financing and afterpay is a financing company that 3D Lash & Brow is a provider for. You can apply and balance can be used towards payment.

Class Dates:2024

January 26th-27th

February 23-24th

March 22-23rd

April 26-27th

May 24-25th

June 21-22nd

July 26-27th
August 23-24th

September 20-21st

October 25-26th

November 15-16th

December 20-21st

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