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Academia y salón de pestañas y cejas 3D

Lifting y tinte de pestañas

Are you currently using any skin thinning products and/or drugs?
Are you exposed to sun on a daily basis or planning to be soon?
Do you currently have any scabs, open sores, wounds, or irritated skin around the area to be threaded?
Are you currently using any medication/drugs that can thin your blood?
Have you had any reactions to facial threading?
Are you currently taking any medications or have any allergies?

Threading does have certain side affects such as redness and tenderness. If you don’t hold your skin taut during the service it may result in skin pulling and thus result is scabbing. If at any time, any of the above information changes, you are responsible for informing your threading technician. If you withhold any of the above information at any time, your results may be unfavorable.

24- hour notice is required for any canceled or rescheduled appointment or up to 100% of service price will be charged. Failure to show without notice will require in full payment of service booked. By initialing here, I’m acknowledging I have read and understand the terms of the cancellation policy. We do not offer monetary refunds on services rendered. We do have a 7-day policy in place on services in which a client can come back and have corrections made. Fees may apply.

Declaración de Salud Covid-19
¿Cómo te sientes hoy?

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