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A gingival barrier is needed to protect the gums from severe irritation when using a strong teeth whitening gel. What is a strong gel? Anything over 20% for sure, but some dental or beauty practitioners will even use it with 16% or 20% hydrogen peroxide gels. The weakest kit of ours that includes a gingival barrier as a standard part of the kit is our Advanced Whitening Kit Plus, which contains 25% hp and is an excellent and affordable alternative to our strongest bleaching kit, namely the Pro Whitening Kit.A gingival barrier is a photo-sensitive resin material, which is why they come in a black syringes. When exposed to UV or blue LED light, the resin hardens, which is why it can protect the gums from the bleaching gel. Gingival barriers are typically available in different colors, but ProDam is an attractive dark blue.For in-office dental teeth whitening treatments nothing cures faster or more evenly than ProDam™ to protect your patients’ gums.Includes metal tip for precise application.

Gingival Barrier

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