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Why should I become a Lash Tech?

Lashes are trending! Everywhere you look, you see beautiful lashes. As you're scrolling on your social media or as you're walking through a grocery store and spot someone with the fullest set lashes you've ever seen, so pretty that you have to stop and say "I loooooove your lashes!"

The world of lash extensions is expanding so quickly so now is definitely the perfect time to join the industry and make that coin! Eyelash training is super affordable and if taken seriously you can be a licensed lash tech in as little as 5 months. If you have ever thought about becoming a licensed Lash Tech here are some reasons why:


Instead of working in the corporate world where everything and everyone is constantly bugging you, your able to work with a variety of clients, team up and collab with other lash techs, or even get your own salon! Having multiple clients gives you the ability to chat and become friends and trust me that will never get boring.


As a Lash Tech you will have the ability to be creative every single day! After reviewing what your clients needs and wants are you will be able to come up and create the perfect lash look for them.


Its time to be your own BOSS! As a Lash Tech you are given the opportunity to create your own schedule. If you really hate working on Mondays - take them off girl! Nothing is stopping you.

#4 MONEY!!!

Since the lash world is booming right now you can make upwards to $50,000 a year if you are skilled and a well marketed Lash Tech. The investment to becoming a licensed lash technician is definitely worth the money because you will definitely end up making more money down the road.

If you are inspired and want to take that first step towards gaining your Lash License, visit our website and enroll today!!


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