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Teeth Whitening and Teeth Bling MasterClass

In-person class cost  $1100
Online class only $129

Become a teeth whitening specialist and earn up $1000 or more per week 

Technician will be going step by step to teach you how to safely whiten your clients teeth using professional products and FDA approved UV light with a live demo. Add the touch of glam by giving your clients Swarovski Crystals Tooth bling which is a stone that is safely adhered to the clients teeth that can last up to several months. This procedure is non damaging and highly in demand.

This Class will guarantee you are prepared for seeing clients as soon as the next day! This class is certification only and can be taken by anyone registered. A License is not required to offer these services. Products available on the website for purchase. To register $500 deposit registration and  remaining balance due 1 week prior to class.

In-person class cost  $1100 

Online class only $129 click here


Models are required to arrive at 11:00am


  • Teeth Whitening Consent Forms

  • Exam

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Product Information

  • Training Manuals

  • Learn about Sanitation

  • Tooth Dynamics 

  • Dental Structure 

  • Application, Cosmetics 

  • Procedures 

  • Products, Tools, Equipment

  • Troubleshooting

  • Learn the application of Crystal Gems.

Each Student will leave with hands on training, certificate of completion, training manual, and consent forms.

In-person Upcoming Dates 

January 28th 

February 25th 

March 25th

April 20th  

May 18th

June 15th

July 20th

August 17th

September 14th

October 19th

Nov 16th,

Dec 14th

Products available for purchase on website www or click here

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