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Microblading is taking the beauty industry by storm, giving women and men flawless natural looking brows. Microblading is a new manual technique that allows for correcting, creating, and transforming brows. The procedure is considered semi
permanent cosmetics. The manual blade deposits pigment into the skin lasting up to 2 years. Kit is provided with training class

•BloodBorne Pathogens
•Safety Sanitation and Sterilization
•Microblading Tools
•Color Correction/ Color Theory
•Brow Designs and Brow Mapping



The eyelash extension training class starts with theory and technique, guidelines for safety and sanitation under Department of State Health Services standards. We offer Classic Lash training, and Russian Volume advanced courses. During your courses you will learn effective application techniques, the intricacies of eye shape and lash growth, different styles of volume eyelash application, utilization of various sizes and lengths in eyelash extensions, lash theory and proper product usage, lash interchanging, fills and lash extension removal, correction and more.

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