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Lash Lift and Tint

A lash lift is a perm that keeps your lashes curled for 6 to 8 weeks! This service creates the look of fuller and longer lashes without having to add extensions. A lash tint is basically just semi-permanent mascara and is typically more recommended for people with lighter colored lashes.

The lash lift and tint procedure is a simple process that will create a naturally beautiful look with limited adverse reaction! The lash technician will first place a silicone pad on your eyelid and continue by gluing your lashes down with a lash adhesive. Doing this, they are able to lift your lashes directly from the root and ensure the process complete and lift.

Once all lashes are in placed and glued to the silicone pad, the technician will then cover them with a perming solution. This solution goes only in the middle part of the eyelashes. This portion of the service is approximately 12 to 15 minutes to allow the lashes time to process and curl! The product itself does contain some pretty potent chemicals as it is similar to the perming solution used in hair. If you tend to have allergies or skin reaction, please be cautious as this could cause and adverse reaction for you. A patch test is available upon your request.

After the curling process, your technician will then remove the perming product with a micro-swab, q-tips, and other similar tools. To ensure full acid removal the technician will then apply an acid neutralizing gel. This product may also irritate your eyes if you tend to have allergies or any adverse skin reactions. At this stage, Keratin bonds in the hair structure will reform and remain curled this way permanently. Both of the perming and neutralizing formulas contain preservatives and other additives. If you curl your lashes regularly, you may become more sensitive towards these chemicals in the process.

The lash tinting process will follow this lifting process. The technician will take the same steps and add an oxidizing dye of the clients choice to the lashes to darken the look of your natural eyelashes. This dye will process for approximately 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the desired depth of color, and will then be removed with micro-swabs, q-tips, and similar tools. Once this step is completed the technicial will remove the glue bond of the natural eyelashes to the silicone pad attached to the eyelid, then the glue bond from the silicone pad to the eyelid. This process is ideal for those with long, straight, and lightly colored lashes that are wanted an enhancement to your natural beauty without the strain of eyelash extensions! This process creates a beautiful semi-permanent mascara look without the hassle of everyday makeup application!

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